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In creating every Ghost Runners Brewery beer, we carefully select the finest ingredients with the richest flavors and deepest aromas, and then labor over them until the notes, tastes, and visuals are just right.

Pre-HOPtaineImperial India Pale Ale

Super juicy Mosaic hopped IPA. A gorgeous crystal clear India style pale ale that combines a light to medium body with a mouthwatering amount of late addition and dry-hopped Mosaic hops. This is a beer for the record books.
8.7% abv 58 IBUs

5K IPA India Pale Ale

Dedicated to all those who put their toes to the start line and never look back. A bold bitter Northwest IPA with notes of pine, orange and grapefruit.  The perfect beer after a workout of any kind.
6.4% abv 95 IBUs

BostonDouble American Red Ale

Our tribute to the historic Boston Marathon. This dark ale goes the distance with a slightly malty taste, dash of chocolate flavor, and incredible notes of Chinook hops that keep pace from start to finish.
6.8% abv 40 IBUs
*Also available on NITRO.

Phantom RojoImperial Red Ale

Award: 2016 Silver Washington Beer Award

The first in our Ghost series, this is a medium bodied imperial red ale with moderate caramel sweetness balanced with hops. First released February 2016.
7.8% abv 65 IBUs

Negative Split –  Dry American Stout

The benefits of running a negative split – a slow first half and a fast second – are purely positive. Same holds true for this sophisticated seasonal brew. We add fresh local chocolate from Moonstruck Chocolate Co. to this already chocolaty stout, then heap in whole vanilla beans from Singing Dog Vanilla for big, rich, complex flavor.
6.8% abv 30 IBUs
*Also available on NITRO.


Strong Leg – Imperial Stout

You found the strength to achieve what your legs were telling you couldn’t do. Now it’s time for a treat. Celebrate with this intense Russian Imperial Stout, striking a bold balance between coffee, chocolate, and hops. This beer’s got muscle.
9.6% abv 30 IBUs
*Also available on NITRO.

EliteBelgian  Golden Ale

Don’t let this easy drinking beer fool you. It is strong, and it leads the pack. The fruity, spicy and alcohol flavors are supported by a soft malt character with pear, orange, and apple.
7.2% abv 50 IBUs

Phantom Blanca Belgian Style Wheat Ale

The second in our Ghost series, a traditional Belgian Wit with delicate notes of chamomile, coriander and orange. First released April 2016.
5% abv 23 IBUs

Hydro Station IPAIndia Pale Ale

A body cannot survive without beer.  Hydration IPA starts with grapefruit citrus nose and will delight you with juicy fruit flavors. Quench your thirst.
7% abv 72 IBUs

5K in Paradise India Pale Ale

A wonderful collaborative blend of 5K IPA and TooleyBender Cider Co.’s Pineapple Paradise. Upfront notes of crisp pineapple lead into hoppy tones of juicy citrus and pine. A pineapple IPA for the masses.
6.4% abv 95 IBUs

Relay Imperial IPA

This malty Imperial IPA is about teamwork and best efforts. Grab your buddies, go the distance, and do something epic together.
7.2% abv 90 IBUs
*Also available on NITRO.

Hellacious RepeatsDouble IPA

The ultimate reward for pushing your mind and body beyond comprehension. This slightly citrus, creamy double IPA is made with Magnum Hops and premium grain for a taste that won’t quit. You’ll want to drink it again and again.
8.4% abv 90 IBUs

Duathlon Black India Pale Ale

Spawned from our popular Hellacious Repeats Double IPA and modified to create a true to style Black IPA, Duathlon was born. We salute the people that take to the road on foot and on bike. Just as an athlete revels in the transition from running to cycling, this Black IPA shows strength in being a Northwest IPA and a Old World English Ale.
6.0% abv 70 IBUs

PerformanceRye Pale Ale

Performance is about putting yourself on the line and showing everyone what is possible. Performance Rye Pale Ale delivers a complex multidimensional taste experience by using many ingredients that engage your senses from nose, to mouth, to finish. Performance will satisfy all your senses and keep you coming back for more.
6.2% abv 50 IBUs

Pace BreakerOatmeal Pale Ale

Brewed for those times when you take life to the next level. Pace Breaker OPA is a easy drinking slightly hoppy pale ale brewed with whole oats. Like an oatmeal cookie, it is the perfect reward for a job well done.
4.8% abv 40 IBUs

Cross Country Red Style Kolsch

Like a Cross Country race, this beer is interesting and unique. It is crisp like the open air and fresh like the surrounding countryside.
6.0% abv 40 IBUs

Barrel Aged Beers

Turkey Trot (2016) Winter Warmer

Get a head start on winter this year with Turkey Trot ’16! This year we blended 80% of our Boston Double American Red Ale with 20% Boston aged in Woodinville Whiskey Rye Whiskey Barrels. Enjoy the rich, full notes of caramel, oak, vanilla, and spice as this beer warms you up for the start of winter.
7.5% abv 40 IBUs

Turkey Trot (2015)Winter Dark Ale

Winter kicks off with Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving kicks off with that morning run that gives you free reign to enjoy all the goodness of the day. Turkey Trot is a red Winter Ale with a whisper of white oak and spiced rum, perfect for resting your tired legs. This is what you worked for – Enjoy!
7.0% abv 40 IBUs


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